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  • Build. Startups. Easier.

    Most startup ideas fail because the traditional startup recipe leaves too much room for failure.


    Learn how the so called startup studio model solves most of the early-stage challenges entrepreneurs face today.


    This books shows you case studies, best practices about how to build and grow such an organization.

  • Discover a better way of building startups

    There are more and more startup studios around the Globe. Learn the fundamentals, and start taking advantage of the startup studio model.


    Az organization that builds startups repeatedly

    1. Take a core team & entrepreneurs in residence; 
    2. Add shared infrastructure & in-house funding;
    3. Generate ideas internally, focusing on a specific area; 
    4. Build multiple startups in parallel, with shared resources;
    5. If an idea doesn’t work, you reassign the team to a new one;
    6. What works you spin it off and get follow on funding;
    7. Grow. Exit. Repeat.


    Risk-free and cost efficient experimentation

    • Impact of failure is greatly reduced;
    • Faster start & shorter startup build time;
    • Ideal to boost underdeveloped ecosystems;
    • Ideal for people who want to build many companies;
    • Easier start for entrepreneurs, better terms for investors;
    • Works everywhere, not only in developed startup hubs;


    Startup studios are on the rise, attracting more and more talend and capital

    • Since 2008 companies created by studios raised more than $5 billion in funding
    • The number of startup studios tripled in the last year from 51 to 150+
    • We are seeing larger and larger exits, now even in the billion USD range
  • The World's first professional book about startup studios

    Learn everything you wanted to know about startup studios, also known as venture builders, startup factories, foundries... And how you can build your own.

    Quick overview

    Read a quick-to-understand overview of the model

    The Startup Studio Playbook offers you a simple description of the model, describing the ingredients needed to build one.

    Exciting examples

    Discover through a dozen chapters how successful studios work

    Look at a dozen case studies, successful startup studio implementations across the Globe. Find out which one works for you.

    Easier Entrepreneurship

    Start building your startups with less risk and more efficiency

    Following the examples and guidance in the book, you will be able to create your own studio and build startups easier.

  • A book for entrepreneurs and innovators

    Discover how other successful entrepreneurs benefited from the book

    Raimundo Burguera

    Co-Founder and Managing Partner at InnoHub

    “What you are doing to consolidate the information, models and frameworks is essential for the success of this new trend in venture development.”

    Suraj Sudhakar

    Founder at Scale Inc - a venture builder for the social sector

    “I have been researching venture builders for a few months and your e-book had all the information I was looking for. Your succinct descriptions and easy writing style made your e-book an engaging read. I am eagerly looking forward to reading the "Startup Studio Playbook.”

  • Table of Content of Startup Studio Playbook

    Read exciting case studies and a collection of best practices

    Startup Studio Playbook Table of Content
  • About the Author

    Attila Szigeti

    Startup Studio Expert, COO of Drukka Startup Studio

    Attila is an entrepreneur, author of several publications about venture builders. His mission is to gather, synthesize and distribute knowledge about startup studios, to make it easier for entrepreneurs to build new ventures.


    He is also Chief Operating Officer at Drukka Startup Studio, the fastest growing venture builder in the Central European region. His responsibilities include building investor relations, recruiting top talent, sourcing new ideas, growing the organization.

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