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    Hi there! I'm Attila,



    COO of Drukka Startup Studios

    Author of Startup Studio Playbook



  • And this is what I'm doing nowadays...

    Startup Studio Playbook

    My first book

    I just released a book about startup studios, venture builders. Now I'm busy getting the word out. Do you want to help me? Get in touch!

    Drukka Startup Studio

    I'm Chief Operating Officer

    Drukka is our Budapest-based venture builder. We've already created almost 20 startups, 6 of them did spinoff after receiving seed investment, many of them still hunting for product-market fit.


    I recently discovered my love for dancing.

    I love dancing! :)


    Started to learn Russian, but it's super-hard.

    If you are in Budapest, speak Russian, and want to have a talk, let me know. That would be great exercise.


    I occasionally talk on converences

    ... about startups, startup studios and such.

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