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Scale to infinity - and beyond

One secret why #startupsudios work so well is they enable “force multiplication” of the entrepreneurial know-how. One of the biggest challenges is figuring out how to do "self-scaling"...

Say you’re an accomplished entrepreneur who knows how to take an idea to big exit...

In a studio, you can share this expertise with your often young CEOs.

You are more hands-on and involved than a simple mentor while you are not bogged down with small operational tasks of the actual startup building.

This shared knowledge and involvement will enable even a young Entrepreneur-in-Residence/CEO to achieve success in business building.

This all works well until you have a dozen or so ventures in the studio. But there is a limit to how many startups/CEOs you can nurture at one time.

Scaling this kind of leadership ability will be one of your biggest challenges in scaling your #startupstudio. And if you don’t do, you will unwittingly become the biggest barrier to unlock the full growth potential of the studio.

There is nothing evident or easy about this kind of "self-scaling". Smart steps to start with:

- learn to delegate AND to democratize to a high extent;

- standardize and automate wherever possible;

- widen your management team early on.

Figure this out once, then scale to infinity.

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