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Learn how to select the best One Metric That Matters for your startup studio...

One Metric That Matters (OMTM) is a great concept from Lean Analytics because it makes you focus on the single most important factor that will make or break your startup. Meaning that it somehow relates to the ability to make money - unless you're a trendy unicorn burning through other people's cash.

But what's the OMTM for a startup studio? Especially for bootstrapped startup studios that use their own limited resources to build new ventures?

Looking at short-term, it's tempting to select an easy-metric like the number of startups you've built, or the number of users among your products and such. But when you think about longevity and sustainability of the entire studio, your OMTM has to be the cumulative revenue of your startups and the studio itself.

Revenue and Sexy

Revenue, especially growing revenue indicates that you and your studio Team:

+ build products or services other's need;

+ are able and willing to sell it to the right clients;

+ provide a stable and scalable platform that is able to maintain multiple businesses;

+ are able to prioritize right and let go unsuccessful or unnecessary initiatives ;

+ have a strong negotiation position when raising external funding.

It's not sexy, but revenue will make sure you live and grow.

And growth is sexy!

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