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Before Passion, find your Market.

'Follow your passion' is a highly misunderstood advice and one of the biggest contributors to shattered entrepreneurial dreams. Here is how to do it right...

Passion is a rocket

You are eager to build a startup. You are constantly bombarded with the "passion narrative". Somehow you come up with a brilliant idea ("Uber for dogs") and you make yourself passionate about it, pitch your way to funding, hustle-build-pivot... and 9 out of 10 times you fail. As it turns out, the idea was not so good, there was not even a problem, and you blinded yourself with the P word.

Passion a rocket. Once ignited it will accelerate beyond your control, burn all the fuel and leave you in whatever direction you set. Before you ignite your engines, make sure it is the right direction.

Market is your guidance

First, find your market and commit to it. When you do this, you can build up long-lasting trust with the players - who will become your future clients. You can systematically explore problems and needs, test solutions. And every interaction will improve your odds of success.

Get the launch sequence right

The right launch process is:

Find market -> Get to know players -> Identify & validate problems -> Test potential solutions -> Build product based on validated and measured client needs -> Sell & get traction -> Add your Passion to the mix and ignite your boosters.

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