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The most important element in your culture that will make your startup studio thrive...

How do you build a #startupstudio Team that's able and willing to build many successful ventures? And by successful I mean that the venture has:

  • a working product;
  • which users use, are paying for;
  • and there is a sustainable and rentable growth engine.

To achieve this level startup 'mass-production' you need a culture, that

  • generates a sense of ownership in your Team members and startup leaders - beyond equity and salary;
  • enables experimentation and makes it possible and cost-efficient to quickly let go of unsuccessful initiatives;
  • lets your startups mature and become independent from the studio.

Trust enables everything else

Trust is the foundation for such culture. As the leader, you might be an accomplished entrepreneur with decades of business building experience. So naturally, you could do many things much better than the often young CEO-s who lead the startups created by the studio. It's tempting to always be right and do it yourself. But that's called micro-management. And it not only burns your time - that you should spend on strategy, investor relations and growing the core Team - but it also dilutes the sense of responsibility of others.

If you want to be able to produce more than a dozen ventures, you have to learn to give room to your Team. Trust them.

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