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    If you have read and enjoyed the Startup Studio Playbook, please consider becoming an affiliate and begin earning money for your referrals. Please read the information and instructions below:

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    All affiliates must create an account with Gumroad, the platform which sells the book, in order to receive their payouts.

    50% commission

    The sales commission for affiliates is fifty percent. The book price is $19.00 USD. After Gumroad takes out their fees, your payout would be around $9 per book sale that you make. All payouts are secure and through Gumroad.

    Next steps

    Once you have created a Gumroad account, please fill out the contact form below and in the comment section include the email you have registered with Gumroad so you can be added to the affiliate list. After you are added to the affiliate list, you will receive an email from Gumroad with your personal affiliate links.

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    Once you start sharing your unique link, Gumroad will cookie customers when they visit the link. As long as a customer purchases the book within 30 days of visiting from your affiliate link, you will get credit for the sale.

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    Please fill out your information below and let me know in the comment section your desire to join the affiliate program, along with the email you registered with Gumroad. You can also leave any questions here as well.

  • How to increase your sales

      Show off your projects, features, or clients in this section.

      Affiliate links

      Write an article and link in your affiliate link

      To earn income as an affiliate, one of the most successful ways is to write a helpful article where you can tie in the affiliate links. For books, write articles such as “My 5 Favorite Inspirational Books”, or write on the subject of the book and then tying in the affiliate link within the post, mentioning how much you learned from that book or how helpful the content was for you.

        Your journey

        Connect your story with the book

        You could write about your own startup journey, and share how you use and benefit from the book.


          Round up

          A small tagline

          Create a “round up” post or page of your favorite inspirational/startup/business tools and include Startup Studio Playbook in that list. This would be a great way to include other affiliate links as well.



            Write your own, honest review

            Write a full review of the book: what you thought about it, how it has helped you, how you use the chapters, best practices, etc. People really connect with stories and authenticity, so share your story and really explain how you think this product would benefit them.

            • FAQ

              Here are the most common questions about our affiliate program. If you still have questions, get in touch using the contact form above.

              How are sales tracked?

              Sales are tracked through unique links generated by Gumroad. The purchaser must have cookies enabled in their browser for us to track the sale.

              What if my visitor doesn’t purchase right away but purchases later by going directly to your site or Gumroad’s link to the product?

              Cookies are tracked for 30 days, which means that you can earn a commission up to 30 days after someone clicks your affiliate link and makes a purchase.

              How do I keep track of how much commission I’ve earned?

              You will have a dashboard in Gumroad that tracks the number of books you’ve sold and the amount you’ve earned.

              How do I receive payment? How soon after I make a sale will that happen?

              You will be paid via Gumroad and payments are sent out every other Friday.

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              We are continuously updating our media library. If you have a special request, let us know.

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