• Startup Studio Playbook

      A guide for entrepreneurs, pioneers and creators

      How to build new products and ventures faster and with a higher chance of success?


      Explore the startup studio approach through real-life stories.


      Expand your skills with a pragmatic and proven framework.


      For a limited time, get the book now for $9.99 instead of $19.



      Stories and Secrets

      Discover the authentic stories and secrets of highly-successful studios like Betaworks, eFounders and others; and why Mike Jones - CEO of Science Inc, legendary entrepreneur and investor trusts this approach. And how to convince your investor to do the same.

      Practical Guide

      This is not a theory book. We go into hands-on examples and best practices you can start using right away. How to generate an abundance of ideas, turn those into startups and get all the resources and funding needed to achieve a stream of success.

      Enriching Entrepreneurship

      Entrepreneurship evolves. Startup studios, venture builders are an integral part of this evolution, following the accelerator approach, the Lean Startup method. Learn about the newest startup building platform that enriches the toolbox of entrepreneurs and innovators.

    • A highly recommended book for all who are interested in creating startups

      "Normally in tech, when you read about something in a book, it's already old news. This time, you're reading about a trend that starts to get wildly popular right now. "

      Ryan J. Negri
      Founder and CEO of Laicos Startup Studio

      "Read this book! It is essential to understand venture builders and startup studios. Stay up to date and competitive in business building. "

      Raimundo Burguera

      Co-Founder and Managing Partner at InnoHub

      “This book delivers exciting new perspective on how to innovate expand. Even for traditional agencies it shows a way to move into entrepreneurial territory. ”

      Ben Ravilious

      Director at Ultimateweb

    • About the Author

      Attila Szigeti

      Building startup studios and blockchain companies

      Attila Szigeti is an internationally recognized startup studio expert, author of the Startup Studio Playbook and other publications, who started his leadership career at Fortune 500 companies.


      With this mastery provided, entrepreneurs and investors are setting up and scaling startup studios that offer an edge in building startups.


      Find the best way to cut risks from implementing the studio approach, get access to current studio best practices and gain a lead on your competition.


      Work with Attila to find clarity for your startup studio in:
      + vision, strategy and processes;
      + expanding your team and clientele;
      + fundraising and investor management.

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